Hostel fee structure
Hostel Fee Structure

Particulars Amount
Security Deposit 5000/- per annum
Registration Fees 5000/- per annum
Establishment 5000/- per annum
Mess Charges 3000/- per annum
  • A limited number of mattresses are available on hire at Rs 400/- per annum.
  • Hot water bath is available daily at the rate of Rs 200/- per month
  • Mess fees and extras if any, will be paid for 10 months in four instalments as follows
    • 1st Instalment by June 20th for June & July.
    • 2nd Instalment by August 10th for August to September
    • 3rd Instalment by October 10th for October to December
    • 4th Instalment by January 10th for January to Match.
  • Those who wish to pay the whole year's in one or 2 instalments are welcome to do so.
  • Students remaining in the Hostel in the month of April, will pay board at the rate of Rs 100/- per day.
    They will be allowed to stay in the hostel till the end of their written and practical examination only.
    The hostel remains closed in may even if exams are going on.

  • Late fee will be charged for delayed payment. All payments must be made in cash. No cheques or drafts will be accepted.

  • Fees once paid will not be refunded. Absence of any number of days during the college term will not be considered.

  • The Security Deposit is refundable if the student continues in the hostel till the end of the academic year.
    The security deposit should be claimed within 2 months of leaving the hostel on produce